Details of Purchase Enquiry No. 2900

Dated: 16-10-2017, Due on: 29-11-2017

Sl No. ItemQuantityUnit
1Weather Tight Aluminium Alloy windows & Scuttles with minimum 8 mm Toughened Glasses. 450(W) x 630(H)x 50 (R) Openable7.000 No
2450(W) x 630(H)x 50 (R) Fixed2.000 No
3400(W) x 560(H)x 50 (R) Fixed3.000 No
4400(W) x 560(H)x 50 (R) Openable2.000 No
5400(W) x 670(H)x 510 x 50(R) Fixed2.000 No
6500(W) x 710(H)x 50 (R) Fixed3.000 No
7250 mm Dia openable Scuttles with frosted glasses.6.000 No
Remarks: (Windows for 300 T POl Barge) Sl No 5: Trapezoidal window.

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