Cargo Services

KSINC barges carries bulk materials, potable water, petroleum products, acids and other materials through the inland waterways in Kerala and coastal region. KSINC caters to the needs of clients like FACT, IOC, KRL, BPCL etc.

The company has a fleet of vessels suited for every need. The vessels are specially constructed for navigation in the inland waters of the state.

We operate more than 10 barges for movement of bulk and liquid cargo through the inland waterways of the State promoting economical, fuel-efficient and Eco-friendly mode of transport.

Our water barges supplies about one million liters of drinking water every day to Vypin, Murukkkumpadom, Panambukad, Vallarpadom and other Islands around Kochi.

Our Fleets

Bulk Barges/Cargo Barges

- Bhagya
  Capacity - 359.90 Tons

- Athulya
  Depth - Draft - 2.8mFT
  Capacity - 610.00 Ton

Oil Barges

- Archana
  Capacity - 297.73 Tons

- Bharatha
  Capacity - 222.72Tons

- Bhama
  Capacity - 225.00

Water Barges

- Amoolya

  Capacity - 233.78Tons

Acid Barges

- Amla
  Capacity - 200.00 Tons